Monthly Challenge: #Goals

#Goals are everywhere!

See a cute couple. Awwwww…

Look at that cute baby…

Watching tv and see an amazing home or pimped out car..
You get the picture right? #Goals

But what does this trend say about the climate of our culture when everyone’s “goals” are based off what they want to possess and not from what they can give freely?

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How To Finish Strong

So there are huge things you want to do for yourself, for those connected to you, that’ll help the world. Ideas are sometimes the easy part. It is the execution that is challenging.

Saying I want to be a musician, artist, writer, teacher, business owner, etc. are rather easy. Realizing your dream and all the possibilities is fun. But once you have realized and started working on your goal, continuing until that dream has become a reality is rather complex.

So through it all how can you finish strong?

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Big Things Are Coming

So many opportunities and changes are coming to the site and daily post. Get ready! I will post the official details later. But I just want to give a heads up. 

Thanks to everyone on this journey with me. I appreciate you! 

Now about you. What do you have going on? Blog? Vlog? New business?

Let me know in the comments. It would be my pleasure to get to know more about you. 

Monthly Challenge: Your First Time

Break the monotony.

Planning is great. It helps to keep all the responsibilities, family, and life contained. At least most of the time. Everyone should plan. But everyone should also leave room for something new.

It seems like the older I get the more life tries to bog me down. In my opinion, it should be the exact opposite. With age should come more liberty and opportunity to explore. When is the last time you did something for the first time?

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